Washington State University Facilities Services - Administration

Facilities Services, Administration

Welcome to Facilities Services, Administration at Washington State University.

Facilities Services Administration provides the common service platform for the Facilities Services organization in accounting, cost reporting, human resource liaison, contracts, campus planning, space management and campus mapping.

Campus Planning335-2192
Capital Project Services/Contract Administration335-9082
GIS/Space Management/Campus Mapping335-2512
Human Resources335-9005

To enlist our services, please login to myFacilities to submit a work request.

Request Work

Please visit our work order website called myFacilities to review and submit requests for services such as:

  • Work Orders
  • Surplus Requests
  • Keys
  • Issues with streets and roads

Follow our link for motor pool related services: Motor Pool

All other inquiries should be directed to our work management center at 335-9000.

Facilities Services – McCluskey Services Building – 2425 East Grimes Way – Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-1150
Telephone: 509-335-9000 | Email: Contact Us| Request Work: myfacilities