Winter Snow Removal

at Washington State University Pullman is provided by
FS Operations
for all Academic and Administrative areas and Student Affairs Auxiliary (Housing) for apartment buildings and residence halls.

Facilities Services is responsible for snow removal and deicing of the following on the Pullman Campus:

  • Public streets
  • Roads
  • Walkways
  • Parking areas
  • Entrances to academic, administrative and research facilities

Auxiliary Facilities Services is responsible for entrances to residence halls and all snow removal at WSU owned apartment complexes.

Departments are responsible for snow and ice maintenance in areas off campus, including farms and research facilities.

The objective of Facilities Services’ snow and ice maintenance processes are to minimize accidents, property damage, and personal injury while maintaining emergency access to campus. To meet those objectives, designated routes and priorities have been established to provide the most efficient methods of snow removal.

Certain areas on campus have been identified and posted as “No Snow Maintenance”.

Priorities for snow removal are (in order):

  • Major streets
  • ADA parking and access
  • Heavily traveled walkways and building entrances
  • Arterial streets and walks
  • Parking lots after 3” of accumulation
  • Gravel roads and paths

Before it snows:

Apply liquid solution to street prior to storm events

When it snows:

Normal street snow removal is between 1-3 inches of snowfall accumulation, and will likely occur same day.
Walkways and building entrances will begin to be cleared at 6:00 am and maintained until 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Parking lot snow removal will occur when lots are empty, before and/or after normal business hours.

WSU Transportation Services maintains a map of parking areas that do not allow overnight parking.

In the case of significant steady snowfall (over 3”) it may take several days to fully complete snow removal and follow‐up sanding or other anti‐ice control measures in all areas. Report unsafe/slick areas by calling Facilities Services at 335-9000.

Snowplows and snow removal equipment should be afforded the right of way. Pedestrians and vehicles should allow a wide safety area around plows and equipment. Walking or driving too closely behind equipment can create unsafe conditions. Stay safe… Stay back.

Allow extra time for travel in the winter. Reduce speeds when driving on snow covered or icy roads. Do not step into traffic in front of moving vehicles. Cars and trucks may not be able to stop suddenly when roads are slick. Wear proper footwear and look where you are walking. Despite our best efforts there will be icy areas where snow and ice melt and re-freeze.

Sign up for WSU emergency notifications Emergency Notification ( During inclement weather WSU administration may delay opening campus or suspend operations for the day.

Areas with NO snow removal:

View NO Snow Removal List


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