FS Operations

Facilities Services, Operations is responsible for the maintenance and operations of facilities, grounds and infrastructure on the Pullman campus. Operations responsibilities include maintenance and operation of utility systems, a full-scale waste management program, and fleet management.

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Facility related emergency?

Call Work Management Center

(509) 335-9000

Joe Kline
Assistant Vice President, Facilities Services, Capital & Operations
(509) 335-9024
Work Management Center(509) 335-9000
Maintenance & Utilities Services(509) 335-9038
Construction Services(509) 335-9035
Steam Plant(509) 335-3502
Kate Kamerrer
Assistant Vice President, Capital Budget & Facilities Business Administration
(509) 335-9314
Custodial Services(509) 335-9023
Landscape Services(509) 335-9067
Motorpool(509) 335-9085
Heavy Equipment(509) 335-9088
Supply Management Services(509) 335-3782
Waste Management
(Compost, Bio-waste, Recycling, Solid & Construction Waste)
(509) 335-4630