Auto Freight


Freight shipments generally include large numbers of individual items and/or single large or heavy items. If an individual item weighs more than 150 pounds or measures 26″x26″x26″, or the entire shipment weight is more than 200 pounds, it may be more cost effective to use the contracted auto freight service rather than package services (UPS, FedEx Express or Ground).

By using the WSU contracted auto freight service, significant savings may be realized on outbound and inbound shipments. When purchasing equipment, be sure to compare the amount the vendor will charge to ship the item(s) and the savings by using the WSU freight discounting program. If there are savings to be realized, then ask the vendor to use the WSU contracted auto freight carrier and designate the shipment “Freight Collect”. For more information on using the contracted auto freight service, see the Freight Discount Contracts 80.28 in Policies and Procedures.


If you have items to ship please complete a shipping request form and then call 335-5575.


If you are shipping items via auto freight, Central Receiving and Delivery personnel will select the most cost effective option based on the current freight agreements. To request a freight quote, please fill out the Request a Freight Quote Online form. If you have any questions, please contact Brady Allen at 335-4529.