Space Request Form

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Executive Policy #35 explains Washington State University Space Allocation Policies.

Some guidelines regarding space allocation include:

  • All Washington State University buildings, space, and land, regardless of fund source or location, belong to the University as a whole.
  • Long-range planning for optimum use of these valuable University assets is a continuing process.
  • All WSU Pullman space is subject to assignment and reassignment by the President or his/her designees to meet the overall needs and best interest of the institution.
  • Space allocation requests should only be submitted after all space reallocation options have been exhausted within the college or vice presidential unit.

Process: Space allocation requests that occur outside the annual budget review process are to be directed to Facilities Services, Space Management Office. Completed requests are recorded and forwarded to the University’s Space Allocation Committee for review. The Committee consists of:

  • Office of the Chancellor – Representative
  • Office of the Provost – Representative
  • Finance and Administration – Representative

After review, the Committee may make a decision regarding the request or seek additional information and evaluation from relevant University supporting units (e.g., Budget Office, Institutional Research, Space Management, Sponsored Programs, etc.), as well as the Requestor. The Committee makes a final space assignment decision based upon thorough review of the subject space in relation to the University’s strategic priorities, including costs associated with using the space.

Directions for Completing Form: Download the Allocation of Space Request Form. Save the MS Word document to a personal directory or folder. Respond to the requested information by inserting supporting text into the comment box provided after each inquiry. Responses for each inquiry may use additional space as needed. Please be as complete as possible.

Directions for Request Processing: Requestor completes the space request form and submits to Department Chair or Director. Department Chair or Director reviews the space request and submits to Dean or Vice President. Dean or Vice President approves and signs the space request and submits a hard copy to Department of Facilities Services, Space Management Office (Campus Zip Code 3611).