30 Mechanical

30 Mechanical

Definition: Non-assignable spaces of a building designed to house mechanical equipment and utility services, and shaft areas.  Examples include central utility plants, fuel rooms, shafts, and utility and mechanical space.

Central Utility Plant

Definition: A facility that primarily houses central utility production and/or distribution to more than one facility on campus. These include such facilities as steam plants, cogeneration facilities, and electrical distribution facilities.

Limitations: Conventional space use types such as Offices (310), Office Service (315), Conference Rooms (350), and the like are designated as such, even though they are located in a central utility plant.

Fuel Room

Definition: A room or area within a building in which fuel for the heating/cooling of the building is stored.

Limitations: Underground tanks adjacent to the building that do not fulfill the definition of a building should be treated as infrastructure.


Definition: Included are accessible or non-accessible shaft spaces available to house utility pipes and cables, or to distribute air within or to the exterior of a building. The cross-sectional area of every shaft is to be inventoried at each floor level through which it passes.

Limitations: Shafts that house elevator cabs are to be coded as Elevator (W02).

Utility/Mechanical Space

Definition: Included are covered and walled areas that house one or more utility and/or mechanical functions for the building. These areas range from large rooms co-located on a “mechanical” floor or basement area to small closet spaces distributed throughout the building. Such areas, while generally located within the exterior walls of a building or as an accessible roof structure, may be separately housed adjacent to the structure that they serve. They include such areas sometimes referred to as electrical, meter, network, or telecommunication spaces. Some may prefer to identify these specific spaces separately and may do so by adding them as subcategories of this space use.

Limitations: Air inflow or outflow shafts within or immediately adjacent to the building, with a minimum ceiling height of 3 feet, fall under the non-assignable space use Shaft (Y03) and must be included in both gross area and non-assignable area calculations.