Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

315 Office Service

Definition: A space that directly serves an office or group of offices as an extension of the activities in those spaces. Includes all office types: academic faculty (311), university administration (312), graduate assistants (313), clerical/reception (314), staff (317), or non-academic student offices (318)

Description: Includes file rooms, break rooms, kitchenettes serving office areas, copy and fax rooms, vaults, closets, private rest rooms not available to the public, records rooms, office supply rooms, first aid rooms serving office areas, student counseling rooms and testing (assessment, nonhealth, non-discipline-related) rooms, and open and private (restricted/nonpublic) circulation areas.

Limitations: Waiting, interview, and testing spaces are included as Office Service if they serve a specific office or office area and not a classroom laboratory or clinic. A student counseling (nonhealth) testing room should be coded as Office Service (315). A receptionist room that includes a waiting area should be coded as Office (310). Lounges that serve specific office areas and that are not generally available to the public should be coded as Office Service (315). Centralized mail rooms, shipping or receiving areas, and duplicating or printing shops that serve more than one building (or department or school, etc.) or that are campus-wide in scope should be classified Central Service (750). Does not include Unit Storage (780).