Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

420 Stack/Collections

Definition: A space used to house arranged collections of educational materials for use as a study resource.

Description: Stacks typically appear in central, branch, or departmental libraries and are characterized by accessible, arranged, and managed collections. Collections can include books, periodicals, journals, monographs, micromaterials, electronic storage media (e.g., tapes, disks, slides, etc.), musical scores, maps, and other educational materials.

Limitations: Does not include general storage areas for such materials that serve a particular room or area; such spaces would take the appropriate service code. Examples of these service spaces include tape storage rooms for language laboratories (see Open Laboratory Service-225), book storage rooms for classrooms (see Classroom Service115), and music for general listening enjoyment (see Recreation Service-675). Also does not include collections of educational materials, regardless of form or type (i.e., from books to soils collections), that are for Exhibition (620) use rather than for study or reference.