Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

430 Open-Stack Study

Definition: A combination study space and stack, generally without physical boundaries between the stack and study areas.

Description: Seating areas include those types of station and seating arrangements described under Study Room (410). The stack areas of these spaces may include any of the educational material collections described under Stack (420).

Limitations: Does not include Study Rooms (410) that have no stack areas. Those stack areas that have only a few incidental chairs or other seating, without a formally arranged study seating area, should be coded Stack (420). Institutions may wish to separate and code the seating or study areas (see Study Room-410) and Stack areas (see Stack-420) into separate space records. As with Stack (420) and Processing Rooms (440), Open-Stack Study Rooms (430) appear primarily in central, branch, and departmental libraries.