Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

530 Media Production

Definition: A space used for the production or distribution of multimedia materials or signals.

Description: Includes spaces generally called TV studios, radio studios, sound studios, photo studios, video or audio cassette and software production or distribution rooms, and media centers. These spaces have a clearly defined production or distribution function that serves a broader area (e.g., department, entire campus) than would a typical service room. Include electronic visualization studios or facilities in this category if the primary use is the production of media rather than a student-focused learning experience.

Limitations: Does not include spaces that merely store media materials and equipment. Such spaces would be coded as Media Production Service (535) spaces if serving the primary production or distribution room, or the appropriate service category for space(s) they serve. Radio or TV broadcasting areas, simulation laboratories, and other media spaces used for teaching broadcasting to students should be coded as laboratories (see Class Laboratory-210, or Open Laboratory-220). This classification also does not include centralized computer-based data processing and telecommunications equipment facilities (see Central Computer or Telecommunications-710).