Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

550 Demonstration

Definition: A room or group of spaces used to practice, within an instructional program, the principles of certain disciplines such as teaching, child care or development, and family and consumer science.

Description: The key criterion here is practice activity within an instructional program that closely simulates a real-world or occupational setting. Includes demonstration day care and development centers, laboratory schools, and family and consumer science houses when these facilities are used for practice as a part of postsecondary training or instruction.

Limitations: Does not include day care and development centers that are not used as part of an instructional program (see Day Care-640). This category also does not include laboratories (see Code 200 series) that are used for direct delivery of instruction as opposed to practice. Demonstration schools, laboratory schools, day care centers, and family and consumer science houses in which students serve as the subjects for a research study are classified as Research/Nonclass Laboratories (250).