Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

555 Demonstration Service

Definition: A space that directly serves a demonstration facility as an extension of the activities in that facility.

Description: Includes facilities generally called storerooms, pantries, etc., in a family and consumer science facility; and kitchens, lockers, shower rooms, etc., in a laboratory school. Similar support spaces that directly serve primary care and training areas in a demonstration day care center (see Demonstration-550) are included in this category.

Limitations: Generally, the primary activity areas—such as kitchen, dining room, living room (in a family and consumer science house), or classrooms, laboratories, gymnasia that serve nursery, elementary, or secondary school students (in a laboratory school)—should be designated as Demonstration (550). Primary care and training areas in a (practice) day care center are also Demonstration (550) spaces. Kitchen and food preparation spaces in a demonstration day care facility are classified as service areas. Eating or break rooms for staff in demonstration day care centers are classified as service areas other than Demonstration Service (555); eating or training spaces for children are classified as primary activity areas, Demonstration (550).