Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

560 Field Building

Definition: A barn or similar agricultural structure used for animal shelters or for the handling, storage, or protection of farm products, supplies, vehicles, or implements.

Description: Includes barns, animal and poultry shelters, sheds, silos, feed units, and hay storage. Structures are typically of light-frame construction with unfinished interiors and are frequently located outside the central campus area. Also includes storage space for farm vehicles and implements. Service areas that support field buildings are classified within this category.

Limitations: Animal facilities directly supporting research or instructional laboratories should be coded Animal Facilities (570). Location of a building, on or off the main campus, is not sufficient justification for classification as a field building. Finished spaces with other uses (e.g., laboratories, classrooms, etc.) should be coded as appropriate. Does not include buildings that house nonagricultural or non-farm-related vehicles (see Vehicle Storage-740).