Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

620 Exhibition

Definition: A room or area used for exhibition of materials, works of art, artifacts, etc., and intended for general use by faculty, students, staff, and the public.

Description: Includes both departmental and institution-wide museums, galleries, and similar exhibition areas that are used to display materials and items for viewing by the institutional population and the public. Planetariums used primarily for exhibition are also included in this category. Planetariums used primarily for research should be classified in the Laboratory Facilities (Code 200) series.

Limitations: Displays that are intended only for instructional purposes and not for general exhibitions (e.g., departmental instructional displays of anthropological, botanical, or geological specimens) should be classified as laboratory or laboratory service (see Laboratory Facilities-200 series). Does not include bulletin boards and similar temporary or incidental displays in hallways, student centers, etc. Also does not include collections of educational materials, regardless of form or type (e.g., books, tapes, soils collections), that are study resources (see Stack-420) as opposed to exhibition use.