Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

630 Food Facility

Definition: A space used for eating.

Description: Includes dining halls, cafeterias, snack bars, restaurants, and similar eating areas, including such areas in residence halls, faculty clubs, etc. This category includes facilities open to students, faculty, staff, or the public at large. The primary distinction of a Food Facility (630) area is the availability of some form of accommodation (seating, counters, tables) for eating or drinking. This is, therefore, an area intended for the actual consumption of food and drink. Vending areas with seating, counters, or tables and sit-down lunch or vending spaces that serve a shop facility are included in this category.

Limitations: Vending areas not provided with seating, counters, or tables are classified as Merchandising (660) or with the appropriate service code if the vending directly supports or is adjacent to a specific space for consuming the products (e.g., a Code 635 vending space serving a Code 630 dining hall).

Limitations: Lounges (650) with vending machines that are incidental to the primary use of the space (i.e., relaxation) are coded as part of the lounge, if within the space, or as Lounge Service (655) if separate from and directly supporting the main lounge facility (see Lounge-650). Break rooms serving specific office areas are classified as Office Service (315). Eating areas for children in demonstration or day care facilities are classified as primary activity categories within these respective areas (see Demonstration-550 and Day Care-640); staff-only eating or break rooms in these facilities are classified as service areas (see Demonstration Service-555 and Day Care Service-645).