Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

640 Day Care

Definition: A space used to provide day or night, child or elderly adult care as a nonmedical service to members of the institutional community.

Description: Includes all primary activity spaces that provide oversight, supervision, developmental training, and general personal care for assigned children or adults (e.g., play areas, nonstaff eating areas, and child training spaces). This type of facility serves as a central service center for faculty, staff, and students, with members of the community being served as needed. This is not a medical care facility (i.e., medical attention is strictly limited to maintaining prescribed medication schedules and providing first aid).

Limitations: Does not include those support spaces (e.g., storage rooms, closets, and pantries) typically used as service spaces (see Day Care Service-645). This category also does not include demonstration houses, laboratory schools, or other facilities with a primary function of providing practice for postsecondary students as part of the instructional process (see Demonstration-550). Also excluded from this category are those service areas classified as Central Service (750), and Laboratory Facilities (Code 200 series) that directly support instruction (e.g., vocational training programs for parent education and early childhood education).