Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

650 Lounge

Definition: A space used for rest and relaxation that is not restricted to a specific group of people, unit, or area.

Description: A lounge facility is typically equipped with upholstered furniture, draperies, and carpeting, and may include vending machines. This general use lounge differs from an office area or break room lounge (see Office Service-315) by virtue of its public availability. If a space is equipped with more than one or two seats for a seating area and intended for use by people visiting or passing through a building or area, it is coded as a Lounge (650). Such a space may have vending machines even though the primary use of the space is rest, relaxation, or informal socializing, not eating.

Limitations: A lounge facility is distinguished from a Conference Room (350) and a Meeting Room (680), both of which are intended for formal meetings, by its more informal function of rest, relaxation, or casual interaction and its public availability. A lounge area associated with a public rest room is included with the rest room as nonassignable (building service area) space. A space devoted to vending machines without accommodation (seating, counters, or tables) for local food or drink consumption is classified as Merchandising (660). A lounge that directly serves a specific or restricted area is classified by the appropriate corresponding service code (e.g., a lounge serving an assembly facility is classified Assembly Service-615). A lounge differs from a nonassignable lobby in placement, use, and intent. A Lobby (W05) is generally located at a major entrance with openings to either hallways on more than one side or in front of elevator banks; and although it may have seating furniture, it is designed more for passing through (or having standing conversations) than for sitting and relaxing. Separate waiting rooms in other than health care facilities are classified with the appropriate service code according to the room or area they serve. A receptionist room that includes a waiting area should be classified as Office (310). Public waiting areas in health care facilities are coded as Public Waiting (880).