Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

660 Merchandising

Definition: A space used to sell products or services.

Description: Includes product and service sales areas such as bookstores, student supply stores, barber or beauty shops, post offices, campus food stores, walk-away vending machine spaces, and central ticket outlets servicing multiple facilities or activities.

Limitations: Does not include dining rooms, restaurants, snack bars, and similar Food Facilities (630). A vending machine space that directly serves a dining, lounge, or other primary activity area is classified with the appropriate service code; a vending machine area within a general use lounge is included in the Lounge (650) space. Vending areas that include accommodations (seating, counters, or tables) for consuming the products are classified as Food Facility (630). Meeting and conference rooms in hotels or motels are classified as Meeting Rooms (680). Sleeping rooms in hotels or motels are classified in the appropriate category of Residential Facilities (Code 900 series). Cashiers’ desks that serve a specific recreational facility or area are classified as service space for that area (see Codes 670 and 675). Day care centers used for practice within an instructional program are classified as Demonstration (550). Day care centers that are not part of such a program are classified under Day Care (640).