Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

670 Recreation

Definition: A space used by students, staff, or the public for recreational purposes.

Description: Includes exercise and general fitness rooms, billiards rooms, game and arcade rooms, table tennis rooms, chess rooms, card playing rooms, hobby rooms, TV rooms, reading (nonstudy) rooms, and music listening rooms that are used for recreation and amusement and not for instructional purposes. Recreation rooms and areas are used for relaxation, amusement-type activities, whereas athletic facilities are typically used for the more vigorous pursuits within physical education, intercollegiate athletics, and intramural programs that typically require specialized configuration.

Limitations: Does not include gymnasia, basketball courts, weight rooms, racquetball courts, handball courts, squash courts, wrestling rooms, indoor swimming pools, indoor ice rinks, indoor tracks, indoor stadium fields, indoor golf and other areas primarily used for physical education, and intramural or intercollegiate athletic activities (see Code 520). Outdoor athletic and physical education fields, courts, and other nonenclosed areas are also excluded because they are not building space. This category also does not include bowling alleys, dance rooms, or any other activity areas that are primarily used for instruction. Reading or media use rooms that are designed and intended as study spaces are also excluded from this category (see Code 410).