Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

715 Central Computer or Telecommunications Service

Definition: A space that directly serves a central computer or telecommunications facility as an extension of the activities in that facility.

Description: Includes paper and forms storage, off-line tape and disk storage, separate control or console rooms or booths, tool and parts rooms, bursting and decollating rooms, areas used to store only inactive support equipment (e.g., multiplexers, modems, spoolers, etc.), and separate areas used for delivering tapes or picking up printouts. Also includes the repair and assembly rooms that directly serve the central computer or telecommunications facility.

Limitations: Does not include Office (310) areas for personnel (technicians, engineers, analysts, programmers) assigned to the central computer facility, primary equipment (computer, I/O device) rooms (see Central Computer or Telecommunications-710), and office areas containing data processing or networking office service equipment or materials (see Office-310, Office Service-315). Also does not include spaces directly supporting study spaces (see Study Service-455) or laboratories (see Code 200 series) that contain special computer equipment used for study, instruction, or research. A nonoffice workroom containing a remote printer or data/job entry terminal that is part of an office area, and not the central computer facility, should be coded Office Service (315). A printer room serving a general purpose terminal room in a dormitory should be classified as Study Service (455).