Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

720 Shop

Definition: A space used for the manufacture, repair, or maintenance of products or equipment.

Description: Includes carpenter, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and painting shops, and similar physical plant maintenance facilities. This category also includes centralized shops for construction or repair of research or instructional equipment, and repair and maintenance of multimedia equipment and devices. Special purpose shops (e.g., glass blowing, machining) supporting multiple spaces for scientific instruction and research are included in this category.

Limitations: Does not include instructional shops (i.e., industrial arts or vocational-technical shops used for instruction), which should be classified as Laboratory Facilities (200 series). Facilities used for producing and distributing multimedia materials and signals are classified as Media Production (530). Architectural and engineering drafting rooms serving the facilities management operation are classified as Office (310). Blueprint storage rooms are classified as Office Service (315). Small, incidental equipment repair, assembly, or cleaning rooms that directly serve an adjacent or nearby primary activity room should be classified according to the appropriate corresponding service code. This category also does not include areas used for the repair and maintenance of institution-owned vehicles (see Vehicle Storage Service-745) or spaces directly serving media production or distribution areas (see Media Production Service535). Also excludes costume and scene shops serving theater areas (see Assembly Service-615). Greenhouses used for campus physical maintenance or improvements should be coded 580.