Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

750 Central Service

Definition: A room or area that is used for the processing, preparation, testing, or delivery of a complex-central or campus-wide support service.

Description: The central service delivery may be provided by special equipment, human activity, the special availability of space, or any combination of these elements. Includes centralized food stores and laundries that typically serve the occupants or activities of more than one building. Also includes central facilities for printing and duplicating services, central mail facilities, central shipping and receiving areas, and central environmental testing or monitoring facilities, if they serve the occupants and activities of more than one building. Institutions may wish to differentiate individual central services through the use of additional codes in this series. Most of these centralized areas have a campus-wide service scope.

Limitations: Does not include those spaces providing the above listed functions if they support other primary activity spaces in the same building. For example, a food storage area in a cafeteria should be coded as Food Facility Service (635); a laundry room in a residence hall should be coded as Sleep/Study Service (935); a copy room or mail room in an office area is coded Office Service (315). Media production or distribution facilities are coded separately as Media Production (530); and computer-based data processing and telecommunications equipment centers are coded separately as Central Computer or Telecommunications (710). Facilities used for the manufacture, repair, or maintenance of products or equipment should be coded Shop (720). Central Storage (730) and Vehicle Storage (740) facilities also have separate codes.