Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

780 Unit Storage

Definition: A dedicated storage area or location under the direct control and management of a specific institutional division, department, office, business unit, or similar organizational unit.

Description: A dedicated storage unit or location typically remote from the controlling unit’s work space and under its direct control and management for the purpose of storing materials and equipment related to and in support of the unit’s particular program and activities. This category of space is different from hazardous materials storage (760) or hazardous waste storage (770).

Limitations: Does not include centralized storage of hazardous materials (see Hazardous Materials Storage-760); centralized storage of hazardous waste materials (see Hazardous Waste Storage-770); small area satellite storage areas located around the institution; or satellite accumulation areas located near or adjacent to instructional, research, or process facilities (see Codes 215, 225, 255, 760, 770, 775).