Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

810 Patient Bedroom

Definition: A room equipped with one or more beds and used for patient care.

Description: This category includes general nursing care, acute care, semiconvalescent and rehabilitative adult or pediatric bedrooms, intensive care units, progressive coronary care units, emergency bed care units, observation units, infant care nurseries, incubator units, wards, etc. Connected clothes closets may be aggregated with Patient Bedroom (810) space or classified separately as Patient Bedroom Service (815). Stalls or cage rooms for animal patients are also included, although specific bedding areas may not be provided. Veterinary facility areas commonly called veterinary quarters, small or large animal ward, equine stall, bovine stall, etc., are included in this category.

Limitations: Student residence quarters should be classified with the Residential Facilities (Code 900 series) codes. Staff on-call spaces for resting and sleeping are coded as Staff On-Call Facility (890). Does not include nonpatient animal shelters used for farm animals (see Field Building560) or nonveterinary school laboratory animals (see Animal Facilities-570).