Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

815 Patient Bedroom Service

Definition: A room that directly serves one or more patient bedrooms as an extension of the activities in those spaces.

Description: Included are linen closets, patient lounges, children’s play rooms, and any other service areas that are used primarily by patients rather than staff. Also includes small anterooms and closets connected to the patient bedrooms if these areas are not aggregated with the Patient Bedroom (810) space. Veterinary facility areas commonly called ward storage and groom spaces should be classified within this category.

Limitations: Excludes the small, connected clothes closets in patient bedrooms, which are included in the Patient Bedroom (810) space. Support areas that do not directly serve a patient bedroom or patient bedroom ward should be classified with the service code corresponding to the primary activity area being served. Also not included are the utility, storage, medication preparation, and other work rooms that serve a nurse station (see Nurse Station Service-835). Does not include feed storage or mixing rooms, cage washing areas, surgery, casting, or instrument rooms that serve a laboratory animal quarters facility (see Animal Facilities Service-575). Veterinary institution feed storage and food preparation rooms are classified as Nurse Station Service (835).