Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

835 Nurse Station Service

Definition: A space that directly serves one or more nurse station spaces as an extension of the activities in those spaces.

Description: Includes nurse lounges or break rooms, locker rooms, private staff rest rooms, utility rooms, storage (e.g., medications, supplies, etc.), formula and medication preparation areas, equipment sterilization, and other work rooms directly serving the nurse station. Also includes special tub rooms, nourishment rooms, and separate storage rooms for records and charts. Animal or poultry maintenance service rooms in veterinary institutions, including tack rooms, horseshoeing rooms, food preparation, and feed storage rooms, are also included in this category.

Limitations: Spaces used as Offices (310) should be so classified. Pharmacy and other central supply areas are classified as Central Supplies (870). Areas directly serving patient bedrooms are coded Patient Bedroom Service (815). Additional codes may be used to distinguish clean and soiled utility rooms, medication and nourishment rooms, etc., as needed.