Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

845 Surgery Service

Definition: A space that directly serves a surgery room as an extension of the activities in that facility.

Description: Included are recovery rooms, labor rooms, special support equipment rooms (e.g., anesthesia, heart, lung, x-ray, etc.), dictation booths, scrub-up rooms, gown rooms, locker rooms, instrument cleanup and storage rooms, sterile supply storage rooms, patient (surgery preparation) cleaning rooms, monitor rooms, gas and gurney storage areas, postoperative and operating room repair rooms, and clean and dirty utility areas, if these spaces directly serve the surgery facility. Animal holding rooms are also included here if they directly serve a veterinary surgery room.

Limitations: Storage and other support spaces that do not directly serve a Surgery (840) facility should be classified with the appropriate service space category. Rooms used for the direct implementation of surgical procedures are classified Surgery (840).