Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

870 Central Supplies

Definition: A room used centrally to store health care supplies in a health care facility.

Description: This classification, which serves a central storage or supply function similar to the Central Storage (730) classification, applies only to health care materials and supplies in a health care facility. Storage is relatively inactive in comparison to (usually smaller) standard service rooms. Included are pharmacy supply and storage rooms, dispensary areas, and central linen storage rooms. Additional codes may be used by institutions that wish to differentiate among the specific materials being stored.

Limitations: Does not include central storage areas for materials or equipment that are not directly health care related (e.g., furniture, office equipment); such areas should be classified as Central Storage (730). Linen closets that serve nurse stations and other limited scope service areas should be classified with the appropriate service code. Also excluded are multipurpose supply or storage facilities that serve more campus units than just the health care facility.