Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

910 Sleep/Study Without Toilet or Bath

Definition: A residential room for one or more individuals typically furnished with bed(s), wardrobe(s), closet(s), desk(s), and chair(s), without an internally connected bath or toilet.

Description: Includes single or multiple sleep/study rooms. A sleep/study facility may be a room for combined sleep/study, a room exclusively for sleeping, or a room for living and study. Connected closets are considered part of the room.

Limitations: Study rooms for general use, available and open to the dormitory residents at large, and not part of bedroom or sleeping room suites, should be classified as Study Space (410). Residential quarters equipped with internal cooking facilities are coded Apartment (950). Separate food preparation rooms serving sleep/study areas, including small kitchens used by the occupants, are coded Sleep/Study Service (935) unless there is an accompanying eating area (see Food Facility-630) that the food preparation area directly serves. The appropriate service code of Food Facility Service (635) would then be applied.