Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

955 Apartment Service

Definition: A room or area that directly serves an apartment or group of apartments as an extension of the activities in that facility.

Description: Includes laundry rooms, mail rooms, linen closets, maintenance, housekeeping or security rooms, trunk storage rooms, telephone rooms, and weight or exercise rooms that serve apartment facilities. Apartment service facilities may be located in a separate building that serves an apartment complex. Service rooms (laundry, storage, etc.) that are internal to an apartment unit are included in the Apartment (950) space.

Limitations: Does not include service rooms (laundry, mail, trunk, etc.) that directly serve residential facilities that have no internal cooking facilities such as Sleep/Study Rooms Without Toilet or Bath (910) or Sleep/Study With Toilet or Bath (920). This category also excludes service rooms within a separate, freestanding residential unit (see House-970).