Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes

970 House

Definition: A complete living unit, with private cooking facilities, that is a separate structure. Should include fraternity and sorority houses only if owned or controlled by the institution.

Description: This is the basic module or group of rooms designed as a complete housekeeping unit (i.e., it contains bedroom(s), living room(s), kitchen, and toilet facilities). It is not intended that individual rooms be specifically identified within the structure, but only that the total interior area be accounted for. Includes houses provided for faculty, staff, or students. Should include fraternity and sorority houses only if owned by the institution.

Limitations: Houses and other residential properties that are owned or controlled by an institution as commercial investments, and that do not serve the institution’s primary missions, are often excluded from the formally coded facilities inventory. Does not include complete living units that are part of a larger structure (see Apartment-950). Houses used as office areas should be classified with the Office Facilities (300 series) codes.