Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes


This category aggregates classroom facilities as an institution-wide resource, even though these areas may fall under different levels of organizational control. The term “classroom” includes not only general purpose classrooms, but also lecture halls, recitation rooms, seminar rooms, and other spaces used primarily for scheduled nonlaboratory instruction. Total classroom facilities include any support rooms that serve the classroom activity (e.g., Codes 110 and 115 as defined below). A classroom may contain various types of instructional aids or equipment (e.g., multimedia or telecommunications equipment) as long as they do not tie the room to instruction in a specific subject or discipline. For treatment of such space, see Laboratory Facilities (Code 200 series).

Institutions may use extension codes to distinguish control over classroom areas, discipline use, type of instruction, contained equipment, or other classroom variables (e.g., Codes 120 and 125, Departmental Classroom and Departmental Classroom Service). These extension codes should be capable of aggregation to total Classroom Facilities (100) as needed.