Facilities Services Facility Unit (Room) Use Codes


Library and study space is classified into five categories: study room (library or non-library), stack, open-stack study room, processing room (user assistance or technical processing), and study service. Offices used for library activities are coded as office facilities. A study space may contain equipment or materials that aid the study or learning process (e.g., computers, multimedia carrels, CD and DVD players, typewriters, records and tapes) and that do not restrict the space to a particular academic discipline or discipline group. Whereas a Study Room (410) may appear in almost any type of building on campus (e.g., academic, residential, student service), Stacks (420), Open-Stack Study Rooms (430), and Processing Rooms (440) are typically located in central, branch, and departmental libraries. Identification of library space should be made through the use of functional categories, and departmental space through the combined use of academic discipline and functional categories.